New user. Very excited as this is my first linux phone...have a few questions
New PinePhone Pro arrived today, popped my Verizon SIM in and viola...worked like a champ. Tested SMS and phone calls with the wife, and all that worked. MMS isn't working, but I think the docs I read prepared me to expect that (if there is a workaround, I'm all ears).

Sadly, I can't find any audio files preloaded for things like ringtones or wakeup alarms, so I'm trying to drop some music onto it. Using Ubuntu Desktop and not sure how to mount the phone (connected usb->usb-c). How can I mount the phone to transfer files?

Also, what's the camera app? I don't see a way to take pics. Thanks for all the community is doing! Looking forward to learning a lot and getting my feet wet.

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New user. Very excited as this is my first linux phone...have a few questions - by 98cwitr - 05-20-2022, 07:34 PM

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