Wireshark development on a PinePhone Pro
I do a lot of work on Wireshark, but mainly on the dissector side (eg, 802.11 dissector stuff these days.)

I am thinking of exploring the possibility of using Wireshark on a phone form-factor device and the PinePhone Pro looks like it might be usable.

However, what sort of attachments would I need (keyboard, monitor, external NVMe storage) and is it possible to build with cmake and gcc etc on such a device.

I guess the flash storage is going to be much slower than NVMe ... maybe a cross development environment would be better. Ie, build on Ubuntu targeting ARM, and then install on the PinePhone Pro.

Does anyone have any comments?

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Wireshark development on a PinePhone Pro - by realrichardsharpe@gmail.com - 04-27-2022, 09:27 AM

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