PPKB certain keys not working after kernel update
Same here.  Previously using the "Fn" key would allow access to the symbols like - = etc but now the "Fn" key activates the F1-F10 keys with no apparent way to access the symbols.  I gather from documentation that the Fn key activating the F1-F10 keys is correct and that the pine key is mean to access the symbols but the pine key doesn't appear to do anything when not bound to an action as with the default sway config.  And I haven't found any other combinations that access the symbols.

Have you tried the user space driver?  I attempted to use it but ran into problems so will give it another go when I have some time.  For now I just bring up the on screen keyboard in sway when I need a symbol.

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RE: PPKB certain keys not working after kernel update - by mr_growl - 04-20-2022, 02:49 AM

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