Using lat/lon in GPS/GNSS apps and Messaging
With help from the #gnome-maps IRC channel at

It is very easy to share from gnome-maps; just long press the point you want to share(so far it seems to only want to share a 'Current Location' pin) and you have options to copy to clipboard a geo URI link, email app, as well as other location aware apps like weather.

Gnome-maps is able to import geo URIs pasted into its search bar/box
Gnome-maps requires formatting like this

I am able to leave off the crs=wgs84;u=0

geo:46.909066,7.503436    gives me runway 14/32 at Bern Airport (IATA: BRN, ICAO: LSZB / LSMB)
a simple link looks like this
geo:lat, lon  coordinates north of the equator and east of the prime meridian are positive

numbers south of the equator and west of the prime meridian add a - for negative
geo:-56.538049,-68.719912    Islote Aguila an island at the very southernmost of South America.

Gnome maps doesn't like to have a human try to type a geo URI into the app and keeps throwing a 'failed to parse geo URI' warning that locks the UI until I click OK unless the completed geo URI is pasted into the window.

I have done some experimenting with both desktop and pinephone/mobian gnome-maps, it seems the app REALLY wants me to have a right mouse button and it only will pin locations other than my 'current location' with a right mouse click, but you can shere your current GPS location, it just needs those UI modifications to get the long press for other locations.
Gnome-maps while quite clean and feature sparse still seems to run slowly on PP and takes several seconds for every swipe or update, it might benifit form some GPU but most of the work is like CPU to move and render the map.
in talking with one of the devs the long press has been a problem and when they move up to gtk4/libshumate it will be fixed.

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