Hardware VIdeo Acceleration on Mobian
Just a FYI Clapper gstreamer plugin based video player is available now as a flatpak, I am not sure if the flatpak version is the GPU accelerated or if a special build was made for the link above.
Quick testing shows a little heat, smooth playback, subtitle support, plays a wide range of video formats(way better than the included Videos app based on Totem) .
This app is mobile optimized so appears with other mobile apps in phosh; it is easily accesses the SD card dir and open a locked/encrypted SD.
I have not tried any high bit-rate files and I have not done a battery life test but it already performs and interfaces better than any other player on a PP including Kodi and VLC.

I have not really watched video on a mobile device in quite a long time though I like having the option, it looks like I have a new favorite player.

Mobian is getting more everyday-driver friendly, we will have to see how this player affects battery life.

<edit> it looks like this flatpak version has the brian daniels opengl PP GPU(ARM Mali 400 MP2 GPU) accel baked in https://github.com/Rafostar/clapper see the bottom of the page "Big thanks to bridadan and Uniformbuffer3 for helping with testing V4L2 and NVDEC hardware acceleration methods." https://briandaniels.me/2021/07/06/hardw...apper.html

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