Pine A64 not powering up / Power button missing
So I am seeing something a little strange regarding power button behavior, and I've been able to consistently reproduce the behavior...

If I boot a remix or android image, do a shutdown (so power still connected, pine shut down, no red LED), and then insert the debian image, a press of the power button will allow the debian image to boot.

If I then do a shutdown of the linux boot, I can no longer do as noted above...(where I press the power button and the debian image boots). I get what I was seeing yesterday as typical behavior trying to do a power button press to boot a debian LED for a few seconds, then off.

My theory at this point is, doing the shutdown on the non-linux image leaves the PMIC in a state that is different from the state that a linux shutdown (or a complete disconnect of power) leaves it? So its then responsive to booting the linux image...?

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RE: Pine A64 not powering up / Power button missing - by DonFL - 07-06-2016, 08:22 AM

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