Calls don't work on Softbank. Cellular data & SMS work.

From the sxmo dialer, calling 111 (Japan's test dial) does nothing for a while, then I get "missed call 111" and a "QMI Protocol Error: IncompatibleState".

From the `dev/ttyUSB2` terminal, `ATD111` just says "NO SERVICE".

phone: Pinephone OG 2gb.
image: PMOS SXMO installer one on SD card.
carrier: Y!mobile (Softbank under the hood)
ModemManager log:

(pastebin set to 2 week exipiry. I stripped the timestamps and excessive `<<<<<<` to make it fit into 512kb but I just realized this forum takes 32MB attatchments. wow.)

(I really hope I'm not exposing my phone number in a non-human-readable way. I removed the ones that I found.)

Seems like the paste was removed by pastebin. And the forum attach does not take 470ish kb txt files.

Is there a section of the log that would be useful to share?

Skimming through it, I see there are three "verbose call end reasons":

<info>   [modem0/bearer1] verbose call end reason (2,210): [internal] pdn-ipv6-call-disallowed
<info>   [modem0/bearer1] verbose call end reason (3,1028): [cm] emm-detached
<info>   [modem0/bearer1] verbose call end reason (3,2001): [cm] no-service

the no-service one happens 3-4 times for each bearer 1,2,3.

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