Manjaro Plasma Beta 11 sleep issue after 3/22 update
(04-22-2022, 02:10 PM)Fred Zyphal Wrote: Well, coincidentally, mine started to behave normally after the recent Manjaro Plasma update, sometime early to mid April ... maybe someone fixed it, after all it didn't start happening until after that mid March update.

Ok, a slight caveat to that statement ... after starting from scratch by dd copying the latest (4/23) release of Beta 11 to my eMMC, I find that this issue is only half solved ... it behaves normally only when it's plugged in, but when it's not plugged in it still does the go to sleep and never wake up thing.

I didn't notice this after simply doing the pacman update, but after a full re-install from the new image, it only works correctly when it's plugged in.

I haven't had to mess with tow-boot yet, since dd copy to the eMMC works fine for me ... I'll try your suggestion and see what happens.
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