Faulty Pinephone add on Keyboard. Support Ticket: Id #12442

I submitted a ticket on 29/30 January about this issue, but I have had no response there so I am posting my problem here in hope. All I need is a new part or where I can get it.

Date: 29 January 2022

Dear Pine64 Support,

It need a new circuit board for the keyboard.

I think the charging circuit has gone faulty, the 5208 gets extremely hot, too hot to touch.
The battery appears okay and is fully charged.

Also noticed the there is no power being supplied to the phone via the pogo connections if there isn’t a charger cable plugged in. This might be related to the above.

I can use Megi’s tools to still read the i2c bus, but the charger readings show only 2 volts and 0 mA, however the battery is measuring 4 volt directly.
Keyboard still works if a USB charger is plugged into the keyboard.

How it all started:
Keyboard was working just fine ever since I got it a couple weeks ago. No problems. I have been careful to follow the guidelines concerning charging and peripherals.
The charger I use is the PINE64 PinePower 65W.

I left the pinephone and keyboard overnight maybe logger but not plugged into charger.
In the morning I picked it up and it was dead, no power coming form keyboard.
So I plugged the charger into the keyboard USB port and left it for sometime.
Returned and discovered that keyboard power not working, nothing going to phone.

Previously when everything worked you could press the power button on the keyboard and power would d go to the phone.

Some points.

[] keyboard battery is at full charge, so it did charge or kept its charge?
[] there is no power going to the pogo pin connector unless usb cable is plugged in.
[] the i2c tools show the button is registering, but that says the battery has only 2 volts but when in charge mode shows only 0 mA and doe snot indicate sending current to pinephone.
[] the 5208 get really hot, so much so that you can burn your finger on it.
[] I2C bus is working, Tools do read from it, and keyboard works, as long as there the USB charger cable is plugged in.

Would I be able to get another circuit board? 

Yours Faithfully,

André Skarzynski, M0JEK

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