plasma-dialer doesn't call
Received my "PINEPHONE - Beta Edition with Convergence Package Linux SmartPhone" today. Lucky me  Big Grin (or not?)

Vanilla manjaro shown T-Mobile with my SIM card, as expected, because I took it from my old phone and many people report that this trick works just fine, for example here. Unfortunately OS was so glitchy, that I didn't try to make a call and updated it as soon is it got some battery charge. Had no issues with update and newer version looks better:

uname says plasma-mobile
plasmashell --version says 5.24.2
cat /etc/lsb-release says manjaro 22.01 (funny, but I don't see it here)

All privacy pins are in upper position, ON.

At this point, if I go to Settings > Cellular Networks > SIM Cards, I do see my SIM 0, and it show IMEI, T-Mobile. Modem details detects my phone number and says enabled: true, state: disabled, registration state: unknown registration status, firmware version is missing - that i don't understand and it looks confusing. next it says interface cdc-wdm0 and then detailed info looks good.
for some reason folder "/var/lib/ofono/" contains two folders with my IMEI (second one has "-3" suffix) that is strange.
Also running something like "ofonoctl list" gives an error "could not aquire org.ofono.Manager on dbus"... with a typo in "acquire"...

Finally if I do a call at plasma-dialer (the "Phone" app) it instantly slides "Dialer" screen (or tab whatever) to an "Active call list" screen, that is blank. If I repeat that several times quickly - sometimes I see that something blinks, like it's trying to call, but that disappears immediately. Tried with and without data on. 

T-Mobile requires VoLTE, so I checked that:

atinout - /dev/EG25.AT out.txt << EOF
+CLCC: 1,1,0,1,0,"",128
+CLCC: 2,1,0,1,0,"",128
that is exactly as described here 1 in 4th position in both lines means VoLTE on.

So please help me troubleshoot this:

- first of all, what about that ofono thing? is it deprecated or still used, if used - how to make it work?

- where can I find logs of plasma-dialer ?

- can I run Dialer or other application from command line to make a call and see error output?
I know that
xdg-open tel://1234567890
does work on Librem5, but in my case it doesn't call and doesn't give any output to console... is there anything else in manjaro?

- ...any better suggestion/ideas why it's not calling?

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