Phone call with the pinephone pro
(02-13-2022, 08:33 AM)dfs Wrote: Hi everyone; long time lurker but it's my first post here. I got a pinephone pro and none of the distributions I tried were able to make a phone call. I tried (in their posh/plasma versions); Manjaro, Mobian, Arch and Postmarketos. While PostmarketOS make it clear phonecalls are broken, I saw here and there people saying the phonecalls were working in the others I tested (while not explaining how...).

Phonecalls do work as expected on my original pinephone with the same sim card.

Did I miss something ? A new setting or package to update ? Updating a firmware like the modem? The more I search and test the more others workings feature are breaking Wink

any help or explaination would be awesome. even if it's to tell me it never worked; then I could stop searching and just wait for a release claming it fixed it ^^'.

thanks everyone

While I have tested all your described operating systems on my original Pine phones,  I have only tried the Pine installed
Manjaro, and the Bookworm version of Mobian on my new Explorer Edition phone.  ( so far )
Lots of stuff just did not function on Manjaro,  I wanted to give it a chance though,  but, It did just feel "unfriendly" to me.

Mobian just feels "friendly & familiar"  to me.
YES !  it does have a lot of problems @ the moment.
BUT there is NO magic secret firmware that fixes everything.
>>Number one problem for me and my Explorer,  is the crash on suspend !
If I leave it plugged into the charger,  I have not had that problem...  (30 hours plugged in without a problem)
Not good for a mobile phone,   but a "starting point".?

>>  I have not been able to update the software the last few days, maybe some great fixes are in those updates ?

Number two problem 'for me', no visible boot indicator LED, it does boot, but you are in the dark while it starts.
I have not attempted hot spot yet, but data is working,  I have done a few forum posts with my Explorer while 
using cellular data.

SO,  for the moment my Explorer is a 'Home phone'  but it does do voice calls and sms texts, web surfing.
Before writing this post I called one of my son's for about 45 minutes,  he said it was clear on both regular call
and on the speaker ... but that it sounded a little better with the speaker phone turned off.  (his words)
I have the microphone volume turned as low as it will go, ----  before going to mute, 
and the sound volume @ about 50%  -- It is still plenty loud, even for me.   ( I am a bit hard of hearing)

I usually just test between my Pine phones,  but I wanted to include an outside opinion, within this post.
Nothing special was done, download the OS, flash w/etcher, put the sd card into the phone.
I do make sure all the blanks in settings are filled in, -- 'Regions & Languages' can negatively affect a few things.

I did format the emmc using the 'disks' app on the Mobian sd card.
All of my Pine phones are still using the original modem firmware.
I am not very software savvy,  but I have been playing with the Pine phones since the Brave Heart.

Within my limited abilities :  I think the hardware is OK,  it is just a matter of time & software development.

Good Luck with your new Explorer Pro.

I have one Brave Heart, three PMOS convergent, one Manjaro convergent, one Explorer phones.
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