PinePhone without battery to bypass restrictions of some transporters
(EN) Bump! What's about SKD kits with mandatory (main and USB-C PCBs, FPC between them, display with touch screen and heatsink assembly, inner frame, back cover and RF cable) and optional (battery*, both cameras**, screws*, pogo pins**, both speakers*, vibration motor*, flexible part of USB PCB***, box** or bubble wrap) parts for skilled customers?

* Easily replaceable from alternative sources.
** Not needed for most applications. Boxes are just wasted wood.
*** If customer has a soldering iron and 4 tiny wires.

P.S. Ilya, did you read this topic entirely?

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RE: PinePhone without battery to bypass restrictions of some transporters - by RuTrainsurfer - 06-19-2022, 02:55 PM

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