Manjaro with Full Disk Encryption and GRUB
Hi folks! I have a working install of Manjaro Sway on eMMC (and Tow-Boot on SPI), and want to 'reform' it into a setup with full FDE (as much as possible). To do this, I did the following so far:
  • Created a USB drive with one ESP and one LUKS partition
  • Created LVM swap and root partitions inside LUKS volume
  • Copied working system from eMMC to USB drive
  • Used manjaro-chroot to install GRUB

This USB drive can now boot from GRUB, and prompts for the LUKS password. After entering it, it takes about 3 minutes to unlock the key, then drops me at the GRUB prompt. It appears that there are no menu entries at all.

Any ideas on how to continue? And on a related note, any ideas on how to speed up the cores in GRUB so that it unlocks the key faster?

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Manjaro with Full Disk Encryption and GRUB - by dumetrulo - 02-11-2022, 04:21 PM

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