Tow-Boot, a new U-Boot option for Pinephone Pro and other devices
(03-19-2022, 06:05 AM)LPIZ Wrote:
(02-14-2022, 09:07 AM)xnopasaranx Wrote: Wow, this has pretty much fixed my suspend/wake problems! Have been running this bootloader for 4 days as of now and I think it's stable enough. I wonder what is missing for them to make a proper release?

EDIT: I also have sound issues after waking up the ppp (no sound on calls, sampling rate misconfigured). Don't think this is related to tow-boot thougFollow

I got Tow-Boot installed and using Manjaro Phosh and my phone is now able to come out of suspend mode!

I am also getting a problem with audio not working properly when coming out of sleep. The only way to fix it is for me to reboot the phone.

Even with that setup, it is great to see that this phone is getting closer to being a daily driver.

Using an older (February) version of u-boot on Arch I have a suspend issues where the first text received while suspended wakes the suspension, but fails to be pulled into Chatty. Subsequent texts are pulled from the modem into Chatty and phone calls, after about 3 rings, are also able to get through on a suspended device. Does tow-boot have these timing issues with wake-from-suspend?

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