Gnome-podcasts on Debian repos
(02-04-2022, 01:52 PM)user641 Wrote: Is the gnome-podcasts coming to the Debian repos soon? I feel really bad using flatpaks, or is there an alternative to using another app? I tried gpodder but it is not mobile friendly and I had to download each episode than play it iwth another app, not very practical...

Seems like Podcasts was originally released as a flathub package (, see or It might not be practical for debian developers/maintainers to include podcast in the debian repository.

Perhaps the request is for the Mobian team to include Podcasts as a default app in the base install? Another (better?) solution is for the Mobian team to include the flathub base files so that installing flatpak apps can be done on a fresh install. The list of packages in the Mobian repository is at

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