soundcard pinephone mobian
(02-06-2022, 12:20 PM)wibble Wrote: You did ask for a real good one, and didn't specify price ;-) I don't know enough about DJing to know what features you need, what might be useful but isn't really necessary, and what's no use at all. Mic inputs? Balanced or single ended inputs and outputs? Physical knobs rather than virtual controls? Headphone outputs? should give you an idea about whether most interfaces work, or if people have compatibility problems. has measurements for some of them so you can see how good the inputs and outputs are - it doesn't say much else about features or linux compatibility unless someone comments on them. The MOTU M2 and M4 apparently work well with kernel 5.11 or later. Gen1 and Gen2 Focusrite Scarletts should work well, and low channel count Gen3 might be ok. At the really cheap end I'd expect the Fun Generation UA-202 to work since the Behringer UCA202 does, and they use the same chipset.

Hey, thanx a lot for a lot of great links........I think I' ll go for the MOTU M2........and tell my experience...........

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