we have a couple rockpro64 in service for computer vision tasks. However we use USB connected cameras, since back then there was no support for the MIPI interface. Usually we run Dietpi and achieve uptimes without hickups of over 100 days. The boards are passively cooled with a custom made thermoblock and heatpipes to the casing - very stable operation.

For our new project we want to move the imx214 sensors over the MIPI-CSI interface. Here is where the trouble starts:

The only image with working camera suuport is the old android build based on 4.19 (or so). Since kernel 5.11 the rockisp is out of staging and moved into mainline support. Also IMX214 (the one from the store) has support from the mainline kernel.

However, no video device is showing up - we tried different device trees from the rock64 repos on github all leading to no video devices.
We also tried manjaro arm, dietpi bullseye, dietpi buster and also manully updating the kernel.

Did someone get it to work, there are very little resource out there ...

here some links:


i would be glad about any hints.


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