bootloader menu to pick a kernel - what is the current situation in in early 2022?
Partial success!

I did add the MENU LABEL lines to extlinux.conf, but I am not sure whether that was actually needed.

What made the difference in the end was switching from "uboot-pinebookpro-bsp" to "uboot-pinebookpro" ("pacman -S uboot-pinebookpro" and then follow the directions that get printed on the command line.)

This gets me a bootloader menu to pick a kernel like I wanted, and it can boot the stock kernel successfully. Unlike some of older reports I found on the forums, in my experience, switching to mainline u-boot did not make booting unreliable and suspend works fine.

When I pick my custom kernel, I get the same blank screen behavior that I saw with the kexec method, but I guess that just means there's something wrong with my kernel and I can troubleshoot that separately. I have the bootloader behavior I wanted, so I'll mark this thread as solved.

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RE: bootloader menu to pick a kernel - what is the current situation in in early 2022? - by maxtothemax - 02-05-2022, 03:04 PM

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