pinephone boots to green screen after running out of space
I installed PostmarketOS sxmo on my pinephone eMMC via jumpdrive.
(The installer image from )

$ df -h /

Filesystem        Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on

/dev/mapper/root  1.7G  1.6G    0 100% /

which seemed wrong to me. I would expect a Size much closer to 32G.
I installed a small number of packages then tried to clone a git repo. The cloning failed due to not enough space.
I rebooted and get a blank green screen now after the pmOS logo after entering encryption password.

Based on the df output, did I screw up the install badly somehow?

I have no data to lose on the device and would be fine reinstalling, but do I have any sane way forward from the current state? sshd is not set to run on startup and the device does not have a static IP.

To be more clear, my steps:
- dd jumpdrive img to SD card
- boot pinephone with SD card
- connected to PC and dd'd the sxmo installer img to eMMC
- booted pinephone without SD card and installed
- pmOS was running well across multiple boots

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pinephone boots to green screen after running out of space - by costava - 01-29-2022, 08:35 AM

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