Waydroid Intallation on Bookworm

Mobian  has been adopted into the Debian system, they are a bit stricter on what they officially "Support"

I think I've read that Debian will not officially support Android  ( as that would break some of their rules )...

Being a Linux operating system,  you can most likely make it work on Mobian...
but if you have problems with that,  you will need to ask elsewhere than the Mobian Developers for support.

While None of the popular Pine phone operating systems are considered FOSS,  <--->  Debian/Mobian is probably the closest to meeting the FOSS standards.
...( of the choices for Pine phone operating systems)

I'm not trying to discourage you,  but you appear new to the forum and And I thought perhaps you were not familiar with the Debian differences.

Welcome to the Pine forum
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