Welcome home, Pine64 board!
Hi together!

I received today a developer board (sponsored by TL Lim, thanks a lot!) with 1 GB RAM.

[Image: r3svi2eujq.jpg]

The first what I did was nothing like installing an OS to my microSD cards...
No, it was a much more important thing! Building a case! And not just a simple case...

I build a case with Lego!
Here is my result:

[Image: zaszw.jpg] [Image: bksbf.jpg]

[Image: zfsrw.jpg] [Image: wkskm.jpg]

And yes, I've installed a little fan in the house Big Grin
I don't know, if it's really needed, but I installed it, because I don't need it for other things.
I had to drill 4 little holes for the screws and that was it.

The fan has to be installed on GPIO 4 & GPIO 6 (5 Volt fan).

[Image: 8isih.jpg]

Ok, enough pictures from my Lego case.

I have installed... Oh, wait!
The installation of operating systems with PhoenixCard is really, REALLY strange.
This little programm seems to be buggy as hell.

I needed several tries to install the operating systems to my microSD cards.
Sometimes it works, sometimes not. Like old confused grandparents.

I was able to install Android and RemixOS yet.
- Android 5.1.1 on my Hama 8 GB class 10 microSD card.
- RemixOS on my Samsung Evo+ 64 GB class 10 microSD card.

Both systems needed a reboot after their first boot up. The systems were much faster after the reboot!

RemixOS needed ~15 minutes for the first boot on my Samsung Evo+ 64 GB class 10 microSD card.

You'll see the following pictures during the 15 minutes:

[Image: s7sjf.jpg] [Image: 4nsri.jpg]

If you see nothing (like "no signal) you or PhoenixCard did something wrong.

Android is running pretty smooth with 1 GB RAM.
RemixOS not, but that is absolutely ok, because Pine64 has announced, that you need 2 GB RAM model for RemixOS!
So, RemixOS is running fine with 1 GB. Not pretty/incredible fast, but fine.

I didn't test Android as much as RemixOS. So, I can't tell you much about the Android image.
But RemixOS is a really great system!
I have to learn something new about this Android fork.

There exist a few design bugs (like full screen permissions view in play store and the permissions are just listed on the top left), but the system runs perfectly after the first reboot.

I installed Telegram and Keepass2Android.
- Telegram works good, but has a black background in each conversation and the tablet view seems to be doesn't work (you see just your conversations or the conversation directly).
- Keepass2Android works also on it. It's a little buggy with a hardware keyboard and the software keyboard. Maybe I found solutions for different bugs with Keepass2Android.

The Rii i8 keyboard (Amazon link, no affiliate!) works also great with Android and RemixOS!
You have just to setup the correct input language (qwerty / qwertz) and you can start typing without problems!

Btw: I used the official Raspberry Pi power supply with 5V / 2A.

I'm waiting actually for my 2 other Pine64 boards (each with 2 GB RAM and some accessoires), because it hangs in the duty/post office and they needed some information.
I hope I'll get my order within the next 1-2 weeks.

Please let me know your feedback about my post Big Grin

Best regards
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