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(12-21-2021, 07:20 AM)gilwood Wrote: Is there a factory label for the eMMC drive or can I just use G:? If a specific label is needed how do I build it? Providing background if needed. Thanks

Purchased a used pine64 community edition. When I received the phone the OS on the phone was locked with a pin. Installed Jumpdrive onto a SanDisk Ultra SD card and inserted the SSD drive into the phone. The Jumpdrive program came up on the pinephone. Tried to install the Ubuntu Touch image but the image would not install (used Balena Etcher). I used jumpdrive to find out the drive was fragmented into partitions E: to O: which were very small, less than a few hundred mB. When I removed all the partitions the OS installation was successful.

`E:`, `O:`, and `G:` are not labels, they are disk drive letters - a specific to the Windows lineage of operating systems concept tracing its origins through DOS and CP/M to CP/CMS and it's research predecessor CP-40 from 1967. Only Windows knows and cares about disk letters, no variant of Ubuntu gives a hoot about them. Those are (very) roughly equivalent to mount points in *nix systems - while some file systems may have "last mountpoint" info recorded into them, they ultimately can be mounted anywhere, and same in Windows - a drive can be assigned any available drive letter. You can read more on drive letters at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Drive_letter_assignment if you want to - there are also some links at the bottom for even more reading on the subject.

Frankly, despite having spent quite a few years as a Windows power user, I always found this drive letter concept to be quite silly, even before switching to Linux as my primary OS - while it is somewhat similar to mount points in *nix, it's not exactly the same, as you can have a drive letter assigned to a partition that has no file system the OS can understand, and you can even access contents of a given file system that has no drive letter assigned to it at all, even when it is not mounted to some folder location, and you can never quite tell whether the drive is safe to disconnect or not in that scenario...
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