GPIO Expander HAT for ROCKPro64 and Quartz64
A short update because I completely forgot about this project until now, I did solder up some prototype boards and discovered that my choice of pin headers don't seem to stack with themselves quite right, so I'll have to pick a different part. I'll also be using 90° bent pins for the interrupt pins, as they wouldn't be very useful in a stacked configuration otherwise. I really do enjoy the screwless terminal though.

I haven't tried to fire it up yet, but I guess I can do that today.

[Image: IMG_20220423_162407.jpg]

EDIT: I got it to work but realised I routed the pins wrong, i.e. the silkscreened numbers were off. Time for a second revision, I guess!

EDIT2: Second revision made and ordered.

EDIT3: Second revision production completed, will arrive in a week.

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