Wont charge when powered off, and update question
Just started using it this week, updated Manjaro, selected hibernate in gui and it did nothing so I did shutdown. Then later when I press power it would power on but to a black screen for a few seconds and then shutoff... Wtf did it battery drain due to the hibernation error??? Then I realized it only will charge when USB C is in when its on and got it to boot again, this seemed dangerous, potential brick how to fix?

Also I am trying to fix this annoying laggy mouspad from https://github.com/dragan-simic/pinebook...rd-updater here, got a simple question, on this git page it says 
thus, if you use the packaged version, replace ./updater in the instructions below with pbp-fwupdate. Please note that the Manjaro package provides no custom keymaps described later in this documentation.
Huh there is an update utility for the PBP? Seems hard to believe, >sudo pacman -Syu pbp-fwupdate = error: target not found: pbp-fwupdate
Well shit... My question is it better to do this mousepad/ keyboard update with this "Firmware updater utility" (I cant pacman the "packaged version??") or not (just use ./updater as said above).

Is there a proper tutorial anywhere on how to properly update the PBP stock manjaro? Undecided


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Wont charge when powered off, and update question - by pineymousepad - 12-06-2021, 05:44 PM

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