PinbebookPro electrically dead ...
I have had my PBP since early May 2021 and have loved it dearly. It was perfect for experimenting with software, the battery life was great, etc.

However, a few days ago, my enjoyment of it came to a halt, with a bad software installation that crippled the system (Manjaro, updated from the original installation). I tried to re-install the OS onto the 64Gb eMMC, but I kept getting told that the file system on the eMMC was corrupt. Eventually, one of the attempts, always ending with a restart, failed to bring the computer back to life. No lights came on at all. Since then, the only sign of electrical life has been a little red light next to where the power supply cable goes in (the barrel port/jack?)

I suspect the motherboard is dead. Perhaps the eMMC, too. I admit, I am a software guy, so I need guidance on diagnosing the electronics/electricals of my PBP. I would really appreciate any suggestions. It would be a shame to have to scrap a computer after six months.


I have written to, but they tell me to try the forums.

There was one case I have seen in the forums that also referred to a dead PBP and the answer was "Conctact sales" [for motherboard, and other parts].

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