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Chickens, Eggs, and SOEdge - Part 2
(10-07-2022, 07:09 AM)KNERD Wrote: @qux Did you gave any luck?

Someone sent me this link on a sort of a guide they wrote up , and their experience working with it.

In short, I have no success with booting anything on soedge for now.

My current understanding is following:

1) Images you referenced are bootable but they can't be written on sd card by dd as listed there. Some rockchip software and (maybe) USB connection are required.

2) For a successful case we shall see something in UART at least. Maybe something at ethernet interface as well.
Now we have correct UART pinout listed at soedge wiki page and it corresponds to what you pointed at (pins 6,8,10 at PI-5 bus, speed=1500000).

3) I found and tried following rockchip tools:

a) rkflashtool from or

It can write flash, but I don't see commands related to flashing entire image for a first sight.

b) upgrade_tool from

It reports successful update for soedge connected by USB OTG. However OTG is not declared officially, so connect it at your own risk - it might damage soedge or your PC or both, I don't know.
Success is reported only when SD card is inserted - but nothing is really written there after "successful" update.
Internal flash is too small for the referenced images (128 MB vs 400-500 MB).
So it does not put anything in UART of course, something is definitely wrong.

Thank you for the link! I need to spend more time with it. Currently not getting why its author declares that emmc image did not boot but immediately after this  soedge appeared alive in UART somehow.

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