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Chickens, Eggs, and SOEdge - Part 2
(08-30-2022, 12:49 PM)qux Wrote: @gamelaster

Could we have some guiding how to get shell by UART on SOEdge?
I experiment with that currently, no success. Same issues as for another guys at this forum.
Tried both Factory_Test_Build and BSP_Linux_ver_1.1_Build_from_SDK images from here:

Wrote uncompressed image to SD card using just `dd`, but see nothing in UART and ethernet while booting it.

Rockchip Wiki tells that "The U-boot will make partition when first time boot up":
- but I don't see partitions on SD card even after boot.
Another option suggested there and here:
is flashing by USB using rkflashloader, but I see only USB host described in SOEdge specs (not USB device or USB OTG). So I'm afraid to damage it or my PC if I connect two USB hosts by USB A <--> USB A cable.

As for UART, I failed to find pinout chart for SOEdge so used this info from Raspberry assuming they are same (SOEdge pins are labeled as "PI-2 GPIO"):
I have this USB UART adapter:
Set yellow jumper on 3.3V and connected to pins # 6,8,10 but still nothing in minicom/screen at my Linux host. Tried to swap TX/RX wires, no result.
Similar issues:

Images seem to have custom format by Rockchip, can be unpacked by rkflashtool:

There are UART-related parameters in "second" file inside boot.img (inside embedded-update.img, inside update-soedge-factory-test-2021-03-23.img)
and I see /etc/init.d/S50sshd inside rootfs.img - but still not sure if UART console and sshd are really activated at boot.

Any comments will be greatly appreciated!

I had a short chat with him just now. He says some recent work has been done on the SOEdge with newest SDK ," with numerous fixes and new stuff!"

He pointed to this link to use for SOEdge

He also mentioned hopefully will be able to get a Debian image going as it will be easier than BSD.

That's all I could get out of him for now.

Let us know if you tried that already.

Also, you may want to try using Etcher to make the image instead of DD

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