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Chickens, Eggs, and SOEdge - Part 2

Could we have some guiding how to get shell by UART on SOEdge?
I experiment with that currently, no success. Same issues as for another guys at this forum.
Tried both Factory_Test_Build and BSP_Linux_ver_1.1_Build_from_SDK images from here:

Wrote uncompressed image to SD card using just `dd`, but see nothing in UART and ethernet while booting it.

Rockchip Wiki tells that "The U-boot will make partition when first time boot up":
- but I don't see partitions on SD card even after boot.
Another option suggested there and here:
is flashing by USB using rkflashloader, but I see only USB host described in SOEdge specs (not USB device or USB OTG). So I'm afraid to damage it or my PC if I connect two USB hosts by USB A <--> USB A cable.

As for UART, I failed to find pinout chart for SOEdge so used this info from Raspberry assuming they are same (SOEdge pins are labeled as "PI-2 GPIO"):
I have this USB UART adapter:
Set yellow jumper on 3.3V and connected to pins # 6,8,10 but still nothing in minicom/screen at my Linux host. Tried to swap TX/RX wires, no result.
Similar issues:

Images seem to have custom format by Rockchip, can be unpacked by rkflashtool:

There are UART-related parameters in "second" file inside boot.img (inside embedded-update.img, inside update-soedge-factory-test-2021-03-23.img)
and I see /etc/init.d/S50sshd inside rootfs.img - but still not sure if UART console and sshd are really activated at boot.

Any comments will be greatly appreciated!

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