No data access on ATT prepaid but my plan has data
(03-25-2022, 08:15 AM)Zebulon Walton Wrote:
(03-25-2022, 08:01 AM)mikehenson Wrote: I have some bad news. Your device came up registered as a Mobile Broadband Device when the Registered IMEI was updated. We do not service Mobile Broadband Devices. The reason you were able to have service before is AT&T had not previously been policing their networks. With the impending 3G Sunset they've begun doing that and you won't be able to use this device with us anymore. You may put your SIM card into another compatible device if you want to continue with us.

The solution to that is to change the IMEI of the Pinephone modem to that of a whitelisted device. Of course you don't want it to be someone else's IMEI, so if you do not have a suitable device on-hand you can pick up a cheap Alcatel flip phone or maybe a used Android phone that is on the list, harvest its IMEI, and just put it in a drawer somewhere. That way you know that the IMEI is not someone else's and will not appear as a duplicate on the network. (Legal issues may apply depending on your jurisdiction.)

Turns out I was already doing what Zebulon suggested - during the 3G sunset, The Esteemed Carrier sent me a free flip phone (which does work with data on the same pre-paid plan). So (shh) I'm using that IMEI, though I get the same results with the Pine's hardware IMEI.

Digging into it a bit more, I compared the output of the ip a command for wwan0 (the LTE modem) and wlan0 (WiFi to my home router); the key difference I believe is that the modem shows POINTTOPOINT where the WiFi shows BROADCAST. Almost like the LTE modem wants to set up a PPP connection or something.

Perhaps this belongs in a different forum, but in postmarketOS/phosh, where can I find/edit the configuration that's controlled by turning mobile data on under Settings->Mobile Network->Mobile Data?


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