Audio / Touchscreen - 2 New Stupid Questions
If I attach the touchscreen - - - it sounds like I have a wide connector for the video itself, and a narrow ribbon for the touch

1) Are these ribbons of sufficient length to work with the acrylic enclosure, or should I abandon that bit?  It's fine if not, as I think I'd have a clunky look just laying the screen on the acrylic enclosure.

1b) Are there / Can I use some kind of short (under 12") EXTENSION CABLES for either/both of these ribbons?

but more importantly...

2) Does the touchscreen have SPEAKERS that work with Android...if so I'm assuming that this is carried by the wide ribbon connector?  If I install the touchscreen Android build, will I have audio through the screen, or do I need to do some other connecting?

2b) Is there something I have to do in SOFTWARE to get audio to work (drivers, etc.)?


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Audio / Touchscreen - 2 New Stupid Questions - by phloog - 06-26-2016, 09:06 AM

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