cryptocurrency on mobian/pinephone
I remember having a BTC CLI program for my Sharp Zaurus, probably for my N900 as well.
How can we get a multi currency crypto app running on Pinephone/mobian?
Privacy fans using pinephone need a way to pay without apple/google pay or a credit card.
There is a an untested(by me) CLI wallet for arm7 and arm8 from the official Monero(XML) website but not a multi-currency wallet,.  That is probably something available on github which would need some tweaks to port over to pinephone/mobian.
Ideally there would be btc, xml, and eth as well as other cryptocurrencys.
Monerojo is a Monero only wallet, is FOSS but is written for android so would require much work, though it does have the option of piping transactions through to automagically convert the transaction to the receiver's desired cryptocurrency without requiring an account.
CakeWallet for most major coins, which I have not seen seems to be fully featured and ready to be strip mined for ideas and maybe backend code, is supposedly FOSS though several releases behind per posts I have seen, the UI which wont really transfer over might not be what a typical Linux user might be used to though.

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