RockPro64 Ethernet NOP After Debian 11 Install...
I just did a fresh install onto a 64gb SDCard for my RockPro64 as described here:

The first time I selected KDE GUI, after the install finished, I got the login dialog and logged in, but I never got the Desktop, nor could I ping the Rockpro64.

Then I started over and selected GOME as my GUI, this time I got logged into the Desktop alright, but after digging in a bit I found the Ethernet seems totally broken.  DHCP doesn’t work, and after configuring a static IPv4 configuration ("IP A" shows valid IP Config), I cannot ping IN or OUT of the rockpro64, nor do anything on the network.

The bootstrap installation went fine and was able to use DHCP to get an IP Address.  But I noted the installation took a LONG time.  Nearly 6-8 hours.

It seems something is wrong with the Ethernet drivers.

As a side note, I downloaded the mrfixit2001 image and the Ethernet works great:

But, I would rather start with a clean fresh Debian install.

Another issue seems to be that if I install the bootstrap onto an 64GB eMMC as described here ( ) The system doesn’t boot.  However, if I install the mrfix2001 (as described above) image onto the same eMMC card, it boots fine.

Also, how do I manually configure the display resolution?  The RockPro64, does not properly detect my NewHaven 7” LCD NHD-7.0-HDMI-N-RSXN-CTU display, which has been properly detected by the Raspberry Pi 4 and the Asus Tinkerboard 2 and Asus Edge R.  I need to force the resolution to 800 x 480 to work with the NewHaven LCD.

Also, I find that after a soft reboot, I nearly always have to power my Dell monitor off/on, to get any display out of the RockPro64.

Anyway, any help you can led would be most appreciated.

Thank you,

Matt Dralle

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RockPro64 Ethernet NOP After Debian 11 Install... - by MattDralle - 10-27-2021, 08:03 PM

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