alarm-sxmo brightness
I recently replaced Manjaro Plamo with pmOS SXMO, which was way more stable and way quicker, and doesn't suffer from the touch to unlock problem Plamo still has as well as the heating and battery sucking problem Phosh has (crust is the workaround, but it's not optimal when it comes to usability).

However, I don't like the lack of available apps in the repos, so I gave Arch ARM SXMO a try.
The performance is slightly worse, but so far I like it much more than the pmOS one.

However, I'm still trying to figure how to enable Fcitx and how to get Gajim to work. but at least I got them installed, which is already way further than what I got with pmOS in which both of the apps are uninstallable.
Not only because they don't exist in the repos, on top of that you can't build those from source too.
But this is my homework, and perhaps provide a way to get it to work if people are interested in it.

One problem that maybe the community would know: I can't change the brightness.
Brightness is too low, and when trying to make it brighter, brightness doesn't change and the value always seems to start from 0 for some reason.
In pmOS setting brightness works like a charm.

Maybe related, but in both pmOS and Arch as soon as you "rotate" the screen from portrait to landscape, the screen turns pitch black.
In Arch, the only way to fix it is to reboot the phone via SSH so it boots up in portrait again.
In pmOS, the only way to fix it is to re-flash and re-install the entire OS altogether.
But considering that pmOS seems to remember this setting while Arch doesn't, I do suspect that the problems with brightness is perhaps related?

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