Pinetime almost dead... only shows Infinitime logo.
This sounds like something @JF002 could comment on - but also you could raise a ticket on GitHub:

If you are able to open the watch, probably the best option would be to fresh-flash it. (This may end up being your only option anyway.)

In terms of the steps you performed, I am guessing you were on a (manually) validated (+) version of 1.2, then flashed 1.3 via GadgetBridge? Did you then validate the firmware?

You say you are unable to connect - do you mean that is is stuck on the boot screen?

Generally my process for upgrading is as follows:

1. Start from a validated firmware that works. As it takes a while, I like to charge the watch at the same time.

2. Download DFU from releases page and upload via GadgetBridge.

3. The PineTime resets itself as part of the upgrade. I then test basic functionality, such as the ability to connect to my phone via BT.

4. Once I am happy it is able to perform in at least some basic manner, I go into the menu and validate it.

Is your process different from this?

(+) By validated, I mean you went into the menu after flashing the DFU file and pressed a button to validate the firmware.

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