Burning images on Mac (OSX) the easy way
(06-27-2016, 05:52 PM)TheWoofies Wrote: Here is a simple method to burn a OS image onto a MicroSD card, (without using dd)
I used an application called Etcher to flash the MicroSD (It's Free and works on Mac)
Here are the steps:

1. Download the OS from the Pine64 Downloads at http://bit.ly/Pine64OSDownloads  (On the download site there should be multiple downloads for different sizes of OS, choose the one closest to the size of your MicroSD card)

2. Download Etcher from http://www.etcher.io 

3. (If the image is in a .zip file, which it most likely is or it would take forever to download)
You need to use an application called "The Unarchiver" (This app extracts the OS from a ZIP file) --note: Zip is a compressed file--
Download: http://bit.ly/TheUnarchiverDownload

4. Once all is downloaded/installed find your .zip OS file and right click on it. Then with your mouse hover over "Open With" and click on "The Unarchiver" (recommended) and chose to put the file somewhere on the desktop.

5. Once that has completed Extracting, open Etcher and once it's opened it may ask for your computer password. Enter that. It allowed it access to the inputted MicroSD card

6. After all those steps are done, the application should look like the image shown below. The first thing you click on is the Select Image button. From there find your IMG file (probably on your desktop) and select it and click open (don't open the actual file just click the button that says open) 

7. Make sure under drive you select the correct one, it will most likely be the only one there.

8. Click Start or flash.

9. Just wait for it to complete, it auto ejects the disk once completed. (getting thirsty.. Quote from video)

10. Plug in your MicroSD card to the Pine, and enjoy.

I hope this helped.  Using these steps I was able to get working version of RemixOS. Some things to note about Remix that most of you already know. Make sure not to have the ethernet cord plugged in when booting, because it interferes with booting. Also, for me I don't know why but when I had the wifi/bluetooth chip in it, and tried to boot it didn't work until I removed it then booted it. Once it finished booting, I put the chip back in and all was good. Then got google play to work and watched Netflix.. Obviously..
I want to make a shout out to someone who helped me:

will "Etcher" free up the extra 1.5gb needed on my SD card to install a 64gb OS on my 64gb (62.5gb actual) sd card?

+1 me if I have helped you in any way. Thank you.

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