console on SOEDGE Model A Baseboard
(09-27-2021, 11:24 PM)KRT Wrote: Thanks for the detailed report.  I forgot to mention that I also tried the USB-A to USB-A via a Rock64 as was mentioned in the SDK.  That got me nowhere.  I am sorry to hear about your frustration, and I hope you have better luck with the other vendor.  At least I know that I am not crazy for running into the same situation you did.  Thanks again.

Thanks, I ended up getting a Rock Pi N10 and its software has a much better out of box experience.

- I powered it up with no sdcard and it booted Android 8.1 from the flash rom.
- I burned the vendor-supplied Debian 10 image to an sdcard and it booted right up.
- I was able to add a 500gb M2 card and mount it as an ext4 file system.

Now I'm happily beavering away on the NPU with Python...

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