Flashed SPI, able to ping RP64 but not boot from sdcard/usb
(08-10-2021, 08:47 AM)korefuji Wrote: Hi

I am flashed the SPI with sigmaris's SPI, and I was unable to boot. So I used the erase image, and it still wouldn't boot. I'm expected my uart today, so I can view whats' going on.

However, I was wondering why it was letting me ping but not ssh. I have imaged a sata ssd with TwisterOS, and also on an sdcard, and neither boots. I think the SPI was flashed correctly (i'm probably wrong) so I am unsure why nothing is booting.

Earlier I was unable to ping at all, until I went through flashing again. So I probably skipped a step I imagine and now I've maybe bricked the rp64?

Thanks for any guidance

Fortunately I have a 2nd rp64, so I am hoping I waiting on this before I go through the hell of it again with the 2nd one

EDIT: So I made an image from Armbian, and it boots from SDCard, but at the armbian logo it is perpetually loading.  So some progress, but not sure how to move from there

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