Pinephone no video through HDMI
Hi guys,

    I've bough a pine phone 2 months ago(approx) that doesn't outputting video through HDMI, it doesn't matter if I use the convergence adapter or other adapters(like ANKER USB-C adapters), I'm aware the same issue that has been reported by so many other users in this forum and unfortunately there's non advances from the pine64 hardware and software designer team, I'm know this is a beta phone/test device, but even on this phase of the product its crucial at least to have more info about this issue coming from the designer team[not the community/testers], I'm aware of the theories that exist around this issue(DRAM freq., lack of support to the USB PMIC driver) but again beyond this, first of all the HW team should post if they've changed something on the recipe on this batch(replace/remove some resistors, capacitors, inductor, active device, routing, etc) to certainly track from where this issue came from and help to the whole community and even to help the actual development. I really like the device.... but anyway.

btw I'll leave two different dmesg logs(I've used the 3.5mm FTDI serial adapter for extracting it):



I hope someone else could have more info about/advances of this and even if someone has already fixed it, please let me know.

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