Exp Header UART for TTL is True Serial Console (very nice)

The Exp header is a true TTL serial console (out of box) for both the lenny.raposo debian image with Longsleep kernel, as well the Ubuntu distro with Longsleep kernel ~very nice !

From boot-up through shutdown this UART port is a true console (including login) which also includes the uboot sequence; very impressive. The Raspberry PI folks are struggling with this at the moment; they are having UART issues in their PI 3B. Its good to see that the serial console on the PineA64 is good-to-go straight-away (nice job folks, really!)

From the pic, you can use either pin(9) or (6) for ground; pin(7) is the Pine Tx line, and pin(8) is the Pine Rx line.  I have my PL2303 usb TTL serial cable plugged in running the console on my gnu+linux HP notebook (debian-Mint) using either minicom, or screen.

Make sure your PL2303 is set for 3v3 operation, or you'll blow the Pine A64.


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