Where do find infos about Linux development for the Pine A64+?
(01-20-2016, 03:30 AM)Quintus23M Wrote: Hi all,

do we have any central place on the forum, where we could share the Linux developer informations? 

I guess there are a few people involved and working hard to get Linux support done for the Pine A64+. But I don't see any much details yet on the progress or any low level tutorials how to start digging deeper.

Maybe we could create an extra place or thread, where we could share all these informations. This would help to convince even novice developers to start helping and testing out. First thing could be a short description, how the boot sequence of the Pine A64+ and the A64 processor is working in detail. Then offering all the details about the bootloaders and sharing the binary blobs AND the bootloader source code as well. Same goes for u-boot and a basic Linux root filesystem. Even with some small details and informations we could get more traction and help each other...

Any thoughts and ideas?


Hi Quintus23M, I have already replied your PM. Here is the Kernel 4.4 boot log that successfully bring up by Sunxi team: https://gist.github.com/apritzel/c92b38b069a645094bf8

If you interest to host the suggested thread, we can create and upgrade your status to moderator.

... TL Lim

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