modem and login/reset issues
Truth: I am in deep, way over my head.  If another forum is better suited for help questions, please let me know.   

Admiring the mission, and needing to to better understand linux, I purchased several products in hopes to dive into learning linux for work. My PBP has been a great tool but I am having issues with my phone. When it first arrived I was able to use phone, text, and wifi.  A had a few issues the first day. phone service would blink out and back in, power/battery indicator not correct (or the phone would randomly turn off), and it would occasionally freeze and a restart would be necessary. I started getting error messages about modem and the phone wifi and data stopped working and occasionally the sim is not recognized. I tried updates the same issues occurred. I thought maybe some of the issues could have been from bad sim adaptor and put the phone away until I could get a new one.  I picked up a new adaptor today and installed sim into phone. The phone service seems to be working better but not data. My big issue now is my pin is not working and the reset button does not reset. The phone will also power down/turn off when showing a full charge.  Any advice or direction would be greatly appreciated. 

1. modem/data and service issues
2. freezing and random turnoff 
3. login (pin) reset not working


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modem and login/reset issues - by dhawk - 06-23-2021, 01:31 PM
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