3/32 upgrade board, Arrived Without Firmware, Troubleshooting Steps to SOLVED
(skip to last edit to see solution, leaving all steps to make searching for solution easier)
I finally received my new 3/32 upgrade board for my pinephone.
I read the wiki and watched the video, and did the board swap.
It looks like it was not flashed with a bootloader at the factory?
Instead I see a LED flash from the back of the board when I insert the USB and then I lsusb I get
Onda (unverified) V972 tablet in flashing mode
Nothing on the screen though.
I also tried booting a jumpdrive SD but nothing happened, no bootloader,  got the same lsusb response.

I found a copy of the factory-test image(pine64-pinephone-20200726-phosh-v20.05-factory.img) on my computer and with that in the SD slot gave me a pink LED when I inserted USB.
I waited an 20min with the pink LED and dark screen in case anything was being flashed.
I then rebooted did the other tests and then chose the automated test, it is sitting for a long time at 12% testing the LIS3MDL after instantly testing MPU-6050.
this link should help you find the factory test image https://images.postmarketos.org/pinephone/
For some reason my jumpdrive SD is not working/booting so I am DL'ing from this link the Debian image and will try that once the download is finished.
I got the Debian Factory image and booted it, run the auto-test, I don't outright fail and instantly passes the MPU-650, but I never pass the LIS3MDL, just hangs forever at 12% so I never get the option to flash......
Got advice after opening a Pine64 service ticket, they recommended I go to
choose the Beta Edition link and DD the image to SD
This image passes the tests and I am flashing my EMMC, I loaded the OS and ran setup, ran sudo halt and DD the latest JumpDrive to SD
Flashed Debian Mobile mobian-pinephone-phosh-20210421.img to EMMC via jumpdrive
Booted and ran Mobian setup on my Pinephone from a 3/32 upgrade board that arrived unconfigured.
now grabbing software updates, and will enable unstable repos once I have everything configured.

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