Anyway to set up automatic backups?
Hey Guys, Im going to start making customization's and modifications to my pinephone to more finely adjust it to my liking.  The thing is, if I do something I don't like or brick the OS having an emergency backup would be pretty sweet.  I know that a lot of people use Timeshift in the desktop community but I would prefer something that actually makes an image of the SD card.  (I can do this on my laptop by yanking the SD card each time I want to make a large change but I was hoping there might be something out there that would let the pinephone do it with the tap of a button.  Basically I would make a special partition on the SD card just to store my backups and make an image of the boot/root/home partitions.  Normally I would just install a sweet of programs to take care of these needs but I have been finding that a lot of the programs im used to are not set up for the ARM cpu architecture which has been slowing me down a bit.  Any options for me or is it better to yank the SD card and use my laptop to make the images?


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Anyway to set up automatic backups? - by AwHereWeGoAgain - 06-20-2021, 07:44 AM

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