Shipping Update and Stock Availability Thread
I got an email from sales at Pine64, and they said there will be no hammerhead tip or Pinepower 120w right now because they simply can't get it. Probably the global shortage of chips is also affecting pine64. see their message below.

"PinePower 120w and the Hammerhead tip due to shortage of supply, no restocking schedule available."
Thank you!
Pine64 team

In other words, if you have been waiting to order your Pinecil iron until those things come in stock to get it all for one single shipping price... then don't hold your breath, it is not happening this quarter it seems.

(01-11-2022, 08:04 AM)Cmdr.Dillinger Wrote: I placed an order for 2 Pine Time's and they were shipped, then a week later (a few days ago) I placed an order for a the 3 gig Pine Phone motherboard and a wireless charger back cover but I haven't received any info on that order.  My credit card was charged for that order though. If this is the worng place to post this, please direct me to where I need to post and thanks.

 I think it's best to email  pine64 support directly for something this specific.

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