Replacing the Keyboard
Some of the keys on my Pinebook Pro keyboard no longer register any input (after a heavy object fell on them). Apart from that inconvenience, the device works perfectly. I therefore plan to purchase a replacement keyboard ( and to assemble the other components on it.

My questions are as follows:

- What equipment do I need for the dis/reassembly? I own a screwdriver set and have verified that I can take off the bottom case and loosen any screw fixing the internal components (mainboard, battery, ...). Do I need anything else?

- Am I right in assuming that I can remove the internal components one-by-one, and then reassemble them in reverse order (to the one when removing) on the new keyboard?

- Is there anything I should take special care of or watch out for?

- Are there any guides on changing the keyboard of the Pinebook Pro? A DDG/Google search has produced no (useful) results.

Many in thanks in advance,

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