Help! My PBP suddenly blacks out completely out of nowhere

I have a big problem... Soon we switch from HomeOffice to presence teaching at my professional school and I need a working PBP there. All my past notes live inside Xournal files and I'm very bad at using pens, so I completely relied on my PBP in school.

Since a few weeks, I randomly encounter the following problem:
Out of sudden, mostly when moving the PBP gently the screen blacks out instantaneously, only the backlight stays on. The only thing I may do then is to turn it off via holding the power key.

It isn't just the screen, as I was hearing music lately and it blacked out, the music stopped too and 2 seconds from there my bluetooth headphones played there "disconnected" tts voice.
I also looked at journalctl, but there are no traces of whatsoever. Thinking it may be a loose eMMC or the latest kernel upgrade I grabbed a fresh manjaro image, dd'ed it onto an µSD card and booted from that. It didn't even took me 10mins while configuring the new system to hit the black-out problem :/
Looking inside, nothing seems to be odd, I checked all the connectors, replugged them but that dind't change anything.

Now I'm "at the end of my latin" how you would sometimes say in germany. I don't know what to do now and I didn't find any other mentions of such a problem here or via google. So i may ask: Has anyone any idea how I can fix this, debug this or where to look for further help?

Kind regards,

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Help! My PBP suddenly blacks out completely out of nowhere - by fxk8y - 06-01-2021, 01:50 AM

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