(05-28-2021, 08:29 AM)biketool Wrote:
(05-27-2021, 09:11 AM)rvh Wrote: I have tor downloaded and extracted but it won't open what should I do? I have the latest version from tor web site.

Did you enable unstable and try apt installing the version on the repository?
The one on the TOR website is a tarball or a deb?
If it is a .deb be sure it is compiled for ARM.
I have spent a lot of time on this. What I have discovered is that for a tech moron like me, the only thing that works is tor version 9.0.10 . O.K. i'll take that. Anything newer throws an error. No sse support or something like that. All the newer versions I tried were ARM.  If someone could tell me how to get the newest version working that would be great.
Having tor working is wonderful. so for the newbes out there, once you download it, extract it ( the newest version of  mobian doesn't come with a file archiver so you will have to get one from software) go to downloads press the setup button and your in.

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