Advice on building a simple computer…
(05-24-2021, 05:07 PM)SeeMossRun Wrote:
(05-24-2021, 12:09 AM)barray Wrote: @SeeMossRun This is a very open-ended question. Please be more specific.
Perhaps this community is too advanced.  The question is straight-forward.  The OP seeks resources and instructions for assembling a computer from component parts.  The poster has no such experience . . .

The question is not simple, depending on what you are asking. For example:

* If you're looking to build a normal PC, LinuxTechTips could be a good starting point:

* If you're looking for some 'DIY' laptop but don't want to build your own hardware, checkout something like a Pi-Top:

* If you're looking for an open source laptop that you can do your own hacking to, checkout the Pinebook Pro:

* If you're looking to build a laptop from scratch, you're limited to whatever guides you can find online and you will definitely need to do some hardware yourself.

It's not clear what your goal is, so it's not obvious whether you are asking your question in the right place.

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