Need Advice for Wiping eMMC on Dead LCD Pinebook Pro
(05-10-2021, 12:30 PM)wdt Wrote: Since you have ssh, check brightness as middle OR above,,
maybe you won't have to send away
At one point (8 months ago?) manjaro had that problem,, tiny backlight value
It was from a change in the number range, IIRR

Good idea but, because of the way the backlight flickered a few times when I moved the display back and forth and then went completely dark, I think it's a hardware problem. However, no harm in trying. On Armbian:

@pinebook-pro:~$ cd /sys/class/backlight/edp-backlight
@pinebook-pro:/sys/class/backlight/edp-backlight$ echo 3200 > brightness
-bash: brightness: Permission denied
@pinebook-pro:/sys/class/backlight/edp-backlight$ sudo echo 3200 > brightness
-bash: brightness: Permission denied
@pinebook-pro:/sys/class/backlight/edp-backlight$ sudo su
root@pinebook-pro:/sys/devices/platform/edp-backlight/backlight/edp-backlight# sudo echo 3200 > brightness

Only sudo su... worked but the screen is still black. Cry

Again, thanks so much for the tips. It might have taken me a long time to find an OS like Armbian and I was also lucky that my PinePhone dock was a usable Ethernet dongle!

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