Adding of WiFi/BT board causing reboots
(06-14-2016, 08:44 PM)mmb Wrote: After reading all the hell people were going through getting their boards up, I decided to keep it simple and focused on getting my A64+ booting RemixOS without any additional modules.  Just Ethernet, HDMI and power.  I didn't even solder on the power and reset buttons yet.  After a few hours of close reading of the forums (the wiki is next to useless), I was able to get RemixOS up and running.  Hooray!

I opened a bunch of apps, watched a movie via Netflix and all seemed to be going well.

Then I tried to install a 4K video player from the Play Store and it failed claiming I wasn't authorized.  On a hunch, I thought it might be related to the lack of location data, so then I tried installing the Pine WiFi/BT module and trouble started.

Predictably, there are zero instructions, but it seemed simple enough given it really only fits one way.  So I popped the W/BT board on the header pins and plugged in the power.  The Pine A64 logo immediately appeared on the screen and about 5 seconds later, the screen lost sync, went black, before the Pine logo appeared again.  And again. And again.  It loops indefinitely...

Anyone have a work around for this?


Oh oh... doesn't sound good! 

I'll as the dumb question first so it's asked... is the module plugged in the right way around? It has a 7x2 header on one side and a 8x2 on the other, so it is 'keyed' of sorts... but someone still asked which way do you plug it in on another thread, so it isn't always obvious!  Smile

Do you have any sort of USB power meter you can use to see if the pine64 is using more power than it should? It idles around 250-300ma on mine, and can go up to 450-500 during boot, so anything over 500ma during boot time is excessive. 

Also, what power supply are you using, and what micro-usb cable? Are they good ones rated for 1-2 amps?

That's my 2 cents to start with anyway!  Wink

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